afromarketplace uses a unique marketplace model to capture the global design variations of afro fashion wears, other afro products or services, from diverse designers to increase their chance of presenting their unique products or services to global masses, so they can earn extra income, stay in business & build prosperous communities. is also one of the largest multi-cultural marketplaces in the World, providing opportunities to buy or sell products or services across many cities around the world.
Many buyers or sellers use our marketplace to earn money, so, join the largest, safest and most trusted afro community of online traders in the World.

Sell Afro inspired crafts all around the world.

Low fees

You only pay when you sell, no matter the number of products or services you sell.

Powerful tools

Manage simply the tracking and promotion of your activity thanks to the automated tools at your disposal.


Benefit from mutualized costs and enhanced visibility through our networks, in the press and with our partners.


The commission will paid ONLY when you sell something, product or service.
If you do n't sell anything, you do n't owe any commission.


There are lots of benefits to join this World Class Marketplace.
To name a few; you do n't need to set up an expensive website, Social media or any other platforms.These are simply time & money consuming platforms. Even, after you build it, you need a lots of time & money to promote it.
All these important things.....WE DO IT FOR YOU, simply list your products or services with & leave the rest to us. Just stay tune & watch us promote your product/service in front of thousands of visitors.


This fee is PRE-PAID. It begins as soon as you join this global Marketplace, list your products or services & start selling.
The other option is to pay monthly, $3/month, as long as you use the marketplace.

If you stop using the marketplace, simply let us know & we will terminate your account right away. If you prepaid your annual fee in full, then, you will be refunded whatever balance remained after prorated. You will get your money in the same format we received your payment (card/account) within 30 days.


We charge one of the lowest fees & commissions in the industry when you compare the work we do for your business to promote, grow & become profitable.
1- Annual membership/Lease Space fee = $25/year
2- Commission of each sale/transaction = 5%

Now, do you want to make money & become a seller without much cost, do you have something to sell, let us talk. Go to our homepage & click CONTACT US, send brief detail of your products/services to us, one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck,

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