NOVEMBER 2018 - 6 Amazing Hairstyle Ideas for Afros, No Matter the Size

BY Shanelle Drakeford

Since the '60s, the Afro has been a marker of power, resilience, and pride in black culture. Today, it's comforting to see that 'fros are as 
prevalent now as they were back then — but, of course, we're wearing ours a little bit different than back in the day. Need evidence? Just check the red carpets, where you'll find celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o, Amara La Negra, and Jessica Williams rocking 'fros adorned with accessories or simply parted for a simple but impactful touch of flair. But no matter how you style it, the Afro still makes a statement, whether it's political, personal, or simply because you think yours is freakin' cute. We rounded up some of the best 'fros in the game right now with textures and lengths to fit any style. Whether you're rocking a super-coily TWA (teeny-weeny Afro) or have large ringlets that reach towards the sky, there's something for everyone. Feast your eyes on the latest and greatest hairstyle and haircut ideas for 'fros.

Amandla Stenberg The Hate U Give Toronto Premiere bobby pins afro hairstyle by Vernon François

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